Saturday, 3 January 2015

The worst possible time to renovate your bathroom

3 January
Weight: 79.5kg
Distance run: 5.6km
Time: 35m:00s
Average speed: 9.6kph

Told you the scales weren't accurate. Today, we have successfully destroyed our bathroom, right down to the wall studs and bare floor. Of course this is in order to build it back up again into something more awesome, but until the job is finished, the only place I have to shower is the gym. So that's also what we did today. I pushed my speed at times up to 11kph, but then had a 5-minute cool-down at 6kph, which is why the average speed is so relatively low.

Yesterday I pulled a hip flexor (I think - my anatomical knowledge is somewhere between my knowledge of biology in general and cooking) and I was worried that it might affect me for the rest of the month if I couldn't rest it, but it seems 24 hours is plenty of time for that. I try not to push myself extra-hard normally, and injuries are a great excuse to take a day off, or a week, or sometimes a month, if I forget that I'm being lazy. I'm glad it only affected me for a short time.

The other minor event of note is a flat battery in my heart monitor which normally suggests to me how fast and how long I should be running. Today I turned it on and it (mostly) happily reported my pulse, but wouldn't tell me whether I was going too fast or slow. I'm pretty sure it would have been satisfied with my progress, though. That's right, I'm running to please a machine. I don't need to, as such. Nobody else is monitoring it, just me. Still, sometimes I feel its judgemental stare from my bedside table. I'll do better tomorrow, watch. I will. I promise.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Showering at the gym is not very pleasant, but it will work.
PPS - It reminds me of campground showers.

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