Friday, 30 January 2015

For a change

Weight: 82.3kg
Distance: About 1.5km. Oh, plus 1km on the exercise bike.
Time: Maybe 10 minutes?
Average speed: A little bit meaningless today.

Let me explain.

Instead of a full 5km run today, I had a personal training session with Debbie and our regular trainer, Jodie. It went pretty well for me, but highlighted the exact narrow focus my January running schedule has had. Getting through cardio? Zero problems. I mean, she had us warm up with 60 seconds on an 11.5% incline and I jogged it easily, even after warming up for a few minutes at a fast pace. We did 1km on the exercise bikes. No problems. We finished on the elliptical, going 150 metres, though not as fast as usual. I kept going a little while afterwards.

But could I do a second set of 10 pushups? No sir, I could not. My noodly arms were definitely not up to the challenge of lifting me off the ground a couple of times in a row. And why should they be? They hardly ever have to do that. They'll be doing more of it in February, I'll tell you that. Plus some other, non-exercise stuff. So, basically, I felt good about the cardio, but kind of inadequate at the strength parts. And a little bit bad about not running a full 5km today, but I still consider myself exercised.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I do plan to make up for it tomorrow, on the last day.
PPS - Looking forward to that very much.

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