Saturday, 31 January 2015

Big finish, jazz hands

Weight: 81.5kg
Distance: 11.32km
Time: 1h:17m:16s
Average speed: 8.79kph

Told you I'd make up for yesterday. Today I went out running on the streets, as I used to do, and I followed my old long route, which I haven't run in quite a while. 10km is no slouch. I'm not that happy with the speed, but the exercise watch had me on "hard" mode, which is its lowest setting. I've also discovered that running on the road is very different to running on a treadmill. I'm convinced that the treadmill does half the work for you. Treadmill momentum is nothing like the real thing. It was harder than I expected, is what I'm saying, but I made it.

Over the month, I ran a total of 170.7km. That's pretty darn long. It's the equivalent of just over 4 marathons, except for the fact that they make you run a marathon all at once. I'd like to try that some day. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I rest my legs at last. As an experiment, running every day in January has taught me mostly that I need to rest regularly, that my knees need care, my achilles tendons are always tight and that I can do this. I look forward to challenging myself in other ways through the year.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - And I still look forward to a finished bathroom at home.
PPS - It's getting really close, but not there yet.

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