Thursday, 8 January 2015


Weight: 81.5kg
Distance: 5.52km
Time: 33m:05s
Average speed: 10.01kph

I lied to my watch today. It said yesterday was a rest day, to which I said "pish posh", put on my monocle and top hat and ran my 5km anyway, because I am a determined gentleman. Today it implored me to take a rest day again, which is to say for the first time, really, and so I let it believe that I had done so. What it doesn't know can't hurt it. It might hurt me, I suppose, but the watch's conscience is clear.

I compulsively push myself just a little bit harder each day. Surely, I say to myself, if I managed 10.5kph yesterday for 5km, I must be capable of 10.8 today. You may recognise this as a foolish trajectory up into the stratosphere, but I attempted it nevertheless. Rest assured, though, that I had slowed down again by the end of the treadmill's programmed interval. I may think I'm Superman, Batman and Spiderman rolled into one glorious SuperBatSpider hero, but my middle-aged knees are all over that hubris. They've got it covered. Ain't puttin' up with my nonsense for long, is what I'm saying.

I'm getting tired of the treadmill at the gym, but until we have a spout that can shoot water at my naked body from the wall in our house again, I must submit to the ones at the gym, and that means making the motions of exercise there. Otherwise, somehow, I feel like I'm "cheating", when I actually pay for all of this. I should be able to shower there any time if I want, but I feel I must work out first. For now, at least, I have the excuse of the challenge.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I don't think I've done this perfectly even once.
PPS - Every morning I forget at least one thing.

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