Sunday, 11 January 2015


Weight: 80.5kg
Distance: 5.25km
Time: 32m:11s
Average speed: 9.79kph

I wasn't sure whether I should go running this morning or wait until after church. I'm not sure which would have been more convenient, but I went before. I set the treadmill to a 5km run at level 2 which, it turns out, includes about 1.5km uphill at 2%. I didn't drop my speed at all, but I did struggle. I cut my cool-down short, too, which might have been a mistake.

Right now I'm just feeling hungry. It's close to lunch, so that should be expected, but I've been feeling this way since after my run. I did eat a bowl of cereal beforehand, but I think eggs would have been better. It probably would help with the weight, too, if I don't eat carbs for breakfast every day. Maybe I'll make that one of the challenges for later in the year - just change out my cereal for eggs and see how it goes.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I've still got a lot of slots to fill in the year.
PPS - I do have February picked out, though.

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