Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fed up with treadmills

Weight: 80.6kg
Distance: 5.50km
Time: 34m:56s
Average speed: 9.45kph

I think 10kph is the most manageable speed to run my 5km at level 4 at the gym right now. That's what this experiment has become: finding the optimal treadmill speed and the optimal incline pattern level to run 5km at (plus 5-minute cool-down). It's depressing, in a way. I'm not very happy with it, to be honest. I need to get back outside, running on the footpaths again. I need the variety. I need the fresh air.

So can I get back outside yet? Can I just do my running outside and come back to shower at the gym instead of using the treadmill? Yeah, maybe. Maybe I can run after work and shower there. I have the options, but the treadmill and shower in one place is just easiest and, now, most familiar. And, possibly, a failed Kickstarter campaign: The Showermill! (Pulled after electrocution and slipperiness concerns.) I'm starting to wonder how I used to do this. I never went every day - maybe 3 times a week - but I'd still get out to run very regularly, and it never seemed like it interfered in my life quite as much as this one January project has. During my university days, I guess I'd get up at 05:00 some mornings. I was basically Batman at the time, though - trained to perfection in the prime of my life by an entire dojo of karate black belts. Those days aren't coming back. I find that a hard pill to swallow.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Other parts of my life are a lot better now than then, though.
PPS - I'm kind of curious how running on the streets will feel after this long on treadmills.

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