Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I walked

Weight: 80.6kg
Distance: 5.02km
Time: 41m:36s
Average speed: 7.24kph

Tonight, to give my legs a bit of a rest and avoid injury, I walked. Well, mostly. I set a fast walking pace of 6.5kph, and I kept to that for the first 1.5km, but I got too bored. Inactivity is not something I do. Ask my wife if I can ever sit still and she'll laugh at the very idea. So for portions of the 5km I stepped it up all the way to 9kph, which is a moderate run for me. The risk was that, tonight, I wasn't wearing the elastic braces that keep my knees from gradually exploding. I was careful, though, and they're still intact. My knees, that is. Well, the braces are intact, too. They were just getting very funky and needed washing, so tonight was a good chance to get that done.

In one sense, this sort of means I've failed. My goal was "run every day in January", and today I walked instead. Then again, I did run for a little bit, so that's something, right? Does that count?

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Well, it's my goal, so I say it counts.
PPS - Justification is one thing we're really good at as humans.

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