Saturday, 10 January 2015


Weight: 80.5kg
Distance: 5.11km
Time: 35m:00s
Average speed: 8.76kph

To deal with the incessant boredom of the treadmill at the gym, I tried something new with it this morning. I set it to "fat burn" mode, level 4, 10kph. I thought I'd turn down my speed from 10.5 to just 10 to "take it easy". Let me tell you something right now. Running up a 5% slope at 10kph is not "taking it easy" by any measure. Three times during the workout I had to slow down to keep my heart from exploding, and this almost meant I didn't finish my 5km. I got there in the cool-down phase, though.

The fat burn program on this particuar brand of treadmill shows a chart of incline percentages over time, making it look like a series of flat runs over curiously square hills. It's hard to remember at the time that those square hills represent how steep the incline is, not the altitude. I would have liked to know the average incline over the 30 minutes, but the only statistic offered was peak incline. Still, I might try it again tomorrow, on a lower setting.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Or maybe for longer at a lower speed.
PPS - I'll let you know.

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