Monday, 5 January 2015


5 January
Weight: Quantum uncertainty
Distance run: 5.53km
Time: 32m:54s
Average speed: 10.08kph

I'm not completely confident of that average speed up there, mostly because I forgot to write it down when I got off the treadmill. And I forgot to weigh myself before going to the gym. Then I forgot to gel my hair before going to work. Turns out, if you mess up my morning routine enough, you could probably get me to forget to put on pants before I leave the house. The run was good, but I didn't finish, according to the exercise watch (all hail Watch and his tiny kingdom). It seems like something that should bother me, but I've rationalised that if I finished 5km today, I'm doing well. I'll need to do it the exact same way tomorrow, too.

Getting dressed for work at the gym, having just showered there, feels very strange, and not just because I'm the only one in long sleeves. It's not the right place for that, you know? It was also too hot, so there's that. I blasted the car A/C on the very short drive home, but I still had some sweat to dry on the train which, I'm desperately hoping, was not especially rank, as odours go. Someone did sit next to me, so it probably wasn't that bad.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Tomorrow, do it again.
PPS - So far this month, I've run just over 28km.

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