Saturday, 24 January 2015

A walking adventure

Weight: 82.3kg
Distance: 6.4km
Time: 1h:04m:25s
Average speed: 5.96kph

So today was a walk. That should be obvious from the speed up there. What should also be obvious is that it is possible to run 5km per day for nearly a month and put on weight. I'll make some later challenges during the year focus on weight loss. For now, I'm actually not quite sure whether I've lost girth. My 82cm waist jeans are feeling pretty loose.

I was walking in unfamiliar territory today, which is why my distance is much further than it would have been at home. I wanted to explore, so I walked out 2.6km, then turned down a side street where it all started to go wrong. There was a park in the way, then a creek to go around, then the back way through school grounds, some real angry birds (not the fun kind from the game) and a quick excape under a fence before I was back on track. It was an adventure of sorts, but if I can avoid territorial avians from now on, I will.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Fun fact about plovers: they call off their dive-bombing runs if you face them and look big.
PPS - This is more difficult when there's more than one of them.

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