Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visual call forwarding interface

I can imagine a visual drag and drop interface for phone system forwarding and call queue management that is vastly superior to the keypad-only systems currently in play. How do you forward a call from your extension at work to another? Chances are that, unless you're the receptionist, you don't know. Or maybe you're a phone geek and you do. As for me, I don't believe I have ever successfully transferred an incoming call from my phone to any other, whether it was the intended one or not. Either way, if your calls were coming through a controller on your computer and you needed to forward a call to someone else, you could select the call, choose "forward" and select or type the extension or the number to forward to, or just drag the call onto another contact. I'd bet you'd understand that the first time and never forget it.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I know Microsoft Exchange now has some phone features like voice mail.
PPS - It's a step in the right direction, at least.


NeerraaZZ said...

i wanted more detail

John said...

Sorry to disappoint. My posts here tend to be only a paragraph or two.

Call Forwarding said...

With today's sophisticated phone system features phone receptionist should get a crash course before diving in. Or else the business phone system will be rendered as ineffective.

But with visual call forwarding as a concept then everything looks so simple! I even suggest using a touch-screen interface for a much better effect.

John said...

A large touch screen for call routing might make a receptionist feel more like an air traffic controller. And some of them might enjoy that.

I've also been thinking recently that, at least internally, it would be cheaper and more effective to give every employee a webcam and a Skype account.