Monday, 7 June 2010

Secret societies in an internet age

Keeping large-scale secrets in an internet age is much harder than it used to be. I'm thinking in terms of government conspiracies and secret societies here. Because everyone can get information (or at least popular opinion) easily and quickly these days, it gets less and less likely that anyone is hiding anything really big. So if you're looking to keep your secret society a secret, it's probably best to assume that word is going to get out and figure out how to deal with it. My own instinct would be to hide among misinformation. If there are a hundred different versions of "the inside scoop" about a secret society, all of them conflicting and very few even believable, most people would tend to write it off as a paranoid fantasy.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I don't believe anyone is actually doing this.
PPS - Or if they are, they're doing it really well.


Charles said...

If you don't stop talking about our society on your blog, things are going to happen....

bad things.

The secret's out.

From: The Illuminati (or Charles)

John said...

Perhaps I should have added a disclaimer:

"Any implication that there may (or may not) exist secret societies, organisations, cabals, fraternities, covens etc is entirely unintentional and should be ignored". ;)