Thursday, 22 November 2007

Work to rule in Big Brother

I was reading recently (I forget why and where) about a kind of protest against overzealous authority figures who weigh down your work day with too many rules and regulations. What you do is follow those rules and instructions very precisely and to the letter, and do nothing more. For instance, if you are asked to clean the toilet, you go and do that, then stay there waiting for further instructions, because you weren't asked to come back when you're done.

Seeing how strict are the rules of the Big Brother house, I wondered how it would start looking if housemates behaved this way. They can't be punished for breaking the rules, but they're not doing anything interesting either, so the show kind of falls apart. The producers can change the rules and give as many instructions as they like, but if the housemates are just doing exactly what they're told and nothing more, it wouldn't be an interesting show for very long.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I am well aware that it is not that interesting a show to begin with.
PPS - I used to watch, but don't bother any more.


littlemissrandom said...


Big Brother is AMAZING... and it's still interesting. Well, enough to make me follow it.

But I agree - it would be a more interesting show your way. Difficult, but interesting.

John said...

I thought it would be boring my way. The point of a "work to rule" protest is to stand up to authority (especially where heavy penalties are imposed for disobedience) and make them back off. It's trying to take power back from the overlords by following their instructions so stupidly that they give up in disgust. That would be very interesting to see done, but I expect the show itself would fold and all the "cast" be sent home.