Friday, 9 November 2007

Give and take in love

I was thinking the other night about what changed in my life just before Deb appeared on the scene. I had been going through some changes in my attitude towards love and relationships. The primary one was this: I used to have a list of demands that I made for my future partner: this tall, this colour hair, this type of body, this kind of personality. And that's maybe fair enough up to a point. But this was beyond having standards and expectations. As I said, these were demands, pure and simple. Come here and give me what I want or you don't make the cut. Gimme!

Then I started wondering about my attitude. If love was all about getting what I want, it would be a very one-sided relationship. I needed to figure out what it was I could give. Shortly after I started thinking like this, Deb appeared, and you know the story from there. So that was my revelation: when my search for love stopped being about taking and started being about giving, I was in the right place.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Incidentally, Deb did match most of my former expectations.
PPS - But that's not the point.


Pstonie said...

Yeah, but being picky isn't always the only problem:

(Love this video)

littlemissrandom said...


I still haven't forgiven you for that, incidentally.

John said...

That video? Wow. Just ... amazing. Impossible to tell if he was for real, but if so, he must have been very lonely. And bitter.

I was too.