Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Costs go up, quality goes down

As life in general gets more expensive, I think cheaper options will keep opening up by dropping the quality of goods and services offered. The average person will live in a smaller house with lower-quality goods and eating lower-quality food. This will be all the average person can afford as the costs of living increase.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Recently a study showed that poor families can't afford to eat healthy.
PPS - So, in a way, it's already begun.


Pstonie said...

Poor families should stop killing what they can't eat, in a manner of speaking. The planet is grossly overpopulated. Humans will keep dying off until an equilibrium is once again established.

John said...

The thing is that many of us are not dying off. The population of the planet is increasing, not decreasing, and that's despite third world starvation, war and disease. At our current rate, I don't think we're headed for an idyllic equilibrium. The equilibrium we seem to be aiming for as a species is one where everyone is just barely kept alive. We're going to squeeze this planet for all it's worth, and then we'll start dying off, but that will be part of the balance. Once we reach that point, we'll pretty much stay there.