Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Museum theft as sport

According to comedian Dane Cook, every man wants to be involved in some kind of heist, like a museum theft. The other night at the indoor rock climbing centre I was struck with the thought that you could probably set up a place to provide just that experience, but as a game. Include lasers, alarms, paintball-armed guards and all sorts of equipment for a team to use in pretending to steal some faux-valuable artefact. I think it could easily be a lot of fun, but getting such a business off the ground might be a challenge.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Men explaining their weekend sport to other men would be major advertising.
PPS - Men explaining to their wives and girlfriends would be more awkward.


Stu said...

I think you've got something there John, better go get your idea patented or copyrighted.

Wonder what it would cost to set something like this up, cos I'm sure you would make a lot more back than you put in

John said...

Well, the text above is copyrighted automatically by being written down. My problem is that I can't afford to patent the idea just on the off chance that someday I might be able to turn it into a business.

It does sound like something you'd really like to try out, though, doesn't it?

littlemissrandom said...

What makes you think it's just guys that would be interested in this?

I'd so be in.

Or am I just a weird girl?

John said...

Well, generally (in my experience, at least) this type of thing gets slotted into the "boys being silly" category of thought and is put aside by more allegedly sensible minds. And the division between silly and sensible is almost always drawn along gender lines. So it's just a generalisation.