Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Sunday Mok - Ratatouille

Sunday - I did two loads of washing in the morning before church. Afterwards, Deb and I went to Michelle's house warming party and brought a cake. I always eat too much when presented with lots of food in small portions. I went for a run and Deb and I watched The Matrix together. We ate dinner at the church because we were running a bit late.
Monday - I ate breakfast at work, then we had a long meeting about our Knowledge Workbench program. I took a different bus home than usual because I was in no rush. After dinner Deb and I watched The Matrix Reloaded. Before bed I did my daily Brain Training for the first time in a month.
Tuesday - I worked on ways to import old data into Knowledge Workbench. It'll be tedious to do. I skipped karate in the evening to attend a church committee meeting and left in pieces. I don't know exactly what affected me like that. I was probably just highly strung that day.
Wednesday - I started writing some code generation routines for Cornerstone, our internal .NET library, including a port of the useful "Inflector" class from Ruby on Rails. In the evening Dad, Anthony, Deb and I tried to go to Crushers Leagues Club to celebrate Anthony's birthday, but they turned us away because of Deb's rubber thongs. It upset us all in different ways.
Thursday - On the walk from the bus to the house, I nearly stepped on a snake near the creek. It didn't seem to be too active, what with the sun having already gone down, but it still gave me a start. After family dinner Deb and I finished watching a disc of Star Trek TNG.
Friday - I figured out how to get a grammar check for undesirable terms in technical writing by using and LanguageTool. We took the youth group boys to play pool, but they seemed more interested in Silent Scope and their iPods.
Saturday - I slept in a bit and watched videos online. For lunch, Deb and I took Mia to Indooroopilly and saw Ratatouille while we were there. In the evening we watched Becoming Jane and Marie Antoinette. We should have stopped the second one halfway through.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Marie Antoinette could have been 45 minutes long.
PPS - Not much substance, but lots of costumes.

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