Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Sunday Mok - Man of the Year

Sunday - I slept in for a short time in the morning, then went for a run. Deb and I attended a combined church service in the morning, which meant no church in the evening. We did grocery shopping in the afternoon, then spent the rest of the day with Murrae and Tracey, including renting Man of the Year.
Monday - I did some overdue documentation at work in the morning, then discussed some new code features with Ross for Knowledge Workbench. While Deb was at her meeting in the evening, I played City of Heroes for a while.
Tuesday - Before I'd logged in for the day, Ross came to my desk to continue our discussion on code features. I went to karate in the evening, despite not feeling like it in advance. I made tuna casserole for dinner, and the rest of the evening was uneventful.
Wednesday - I worked all day on data imports for Knowledge Workbench, which was not that stimulating. After dinner Deb and I headed to Mal and Linda's with Taboo and played a few rounds.
Thursday - I've been getting some knots in my back recently, so I think I've got a bit of stress. I tried to break up the work routine a bit to combat this feeling. We went to dinner at Dad and Beth's then did a little laundry at home.
Friday - I put the car in for a service and caught the early bus to work. I was surprised by how many people were in an hour early. In the evening for youth group we just hung out, played Wii games and half-finished a game of Zombies.
Saturday - Deb and I both slept in and I did the dishes after breakfast. We went to lunch with Mal's siblings who are here on holiday and played some French cricket too. In the evening we went to the Newmarket Hotel for Miv's birthday. We left kind of early, but it was good to see everyone to catch up.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I think my Sunday Mok subtitles have been a bit lame recently.
PPS - I'll try to do better.

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