Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Sunday Mok - Dan and Lotte's wedding

Sunday - I slept in for a while and decided against going for a run. After the morning church service Deb and I did our grocery shopping and watched The Matrix Revolutions to finish our recent viewing of the series. We got pizza for dinner, then I sang in the evening church service.
Monday - I worked most of the week on data imports for Knowledge Workbench without making much progress. While Deb was at her Mary Kay meeting in the evening I cleaned up the house a bit and played City of Heroes.
Tuesday - I worked all morning on a Microsoft Office 2003 "smart document" solution for our requirements editing, but couldn't run it properly in the end. Deb and I had dinner at Mal and Linda's instead of me going to karate. Back home we did some work on a jigsaw puzzle and chatted with The Awful Truth playing in the background.
Wednesday - In the evening we made a second attempt to eat at Crushers Leagues Club, this time passing the dress code examination. This effectively made it Anthony's third birthday dinner for the year.
Thursday - Before and after dinner at Dad and Beth's, I watched an episode of Prison Break with Dean. However, since it was season 3 (I think) and I stopped watching in season 1, I was a bit lost. Back at home we watched more Awful Truth and worked on Deb's jigsaw puzzle some more.
Friday - I slept in a bit and had breakfast at work. When I was walking home from the afternoon bus, Deb happened to pick me up on her way to get Mia. While the girls were otherwise occupied, I did some dishes and laundry. I made some of dinner, then we watched Punch-Drunk Love, which was very surreal.
Saturday - After a morning trip to pick up my reserved Stargate SG-1 season 10 box set, we had lunch with Mal and Linda, then drove to Dan and Lotte's wedding. I thought it was beautiful all around, and we got home at about 22:20.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - It was good to catch up with people again.
PPS - We left before the bride and groom.

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