Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Desktop kitchen appliances for work?

I was wondering, after making a third trip to the office kitchen in a short time, whether there could be any high-end executive desktop appliances built for a single user, such as a desktop dishwasher. This would, of course, complement your desktop espresso machine, so that you could make coffee, drink it and wash up all without getting off your chair. Add a little microwave and a fridge and your desktop kitchen could handle all of lunch, too. You might start feeling like you're working in a grown-up version of a child's play kitchen, though, and you'd need to handle water supply and drainage somehow, too. I can imagine one small water supply tank hooked up to the coffee maker, dishwasher and (why not?) personal cold water tap, too. The waste water could be handled with a similar system, and all you'd have to do is empty out your waste tank when it got full and top up your supply tank for the day.

Perhaps this falls under the category of a kind of "glamping kitchenette" - something you might plug into your generator in your mutant cabin/tent hybrid when you're a short way from civilisation.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I need a Kickstarter campaign, pronto.
PPS - Though I can't imagine calling it a "glamping kitchenette" for long.

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