Friday, 25 July 2014

Blu-Ray doesn't work for me

I have, as yet, not had a single Blu-Ray movie play all the way through without some kind of issue on my Panasonic player. I've been encouraged to update the firmware, which never seemed to change anything (after all, the main point of firmware updates is to make sure the player refuses to operate in the circumstances that Hollywood dictates, so I can't imagine it ever adding functionality or fixing anything significant), and sometimes the discs still refuse to even load afterwards. There have always been entire scenes that wouldn't play at all. For example, the middle of The Internship when they go out on the town, or the entire last 20 minutes of Vampire Academy.

I know it's not the player itself, at least in general, because DVDs have zero issues. Not one, not ever, except with badly scratched rentals. All my own well-cared-for discs play perfectly every time.

This is why I blame the Blu-Ray standard itself, and I won't be buying any more of those discs. It's been noted that Blu-Ray demand is falling in the USA much faster than Sony anticipated. Some people think this is because of Netflix and streaming services. Personally, I think Blu-Ray is doing everything it can to self-destruct, and this is just the "Mission Accomplished" moment.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Plus, streaming services can be pretty great.
PPS - Or they can be terrible, like Ultraviolet.

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