Monday, 15 July 2013

My Do Not See movie list

I'm starting to find it useful to keep a "do not see" list for movies or, more accurately, directors, writers and producers. It's not big (in fact, it only has two entries on it) but it is based on recurrent disappointments that I can now avoid in the future. I'm not going to show the list, though, for two reasons. One, although it's helpful to me, it's a bit of negativity that I don't want to put out there. The people whose movies I choose not to see don't need that from me. Two, it reflect only my personal tastes. The fact that these people have made movies at all puts them far higher on the popularity ladder than me, and I'm just a consumer, not a producer. There are clearly people who like those movies, and the fact that I do not like them doesn't affect that judgement at all.

The list isn't foolproof, either. There's at least one movie that violates the list that I really enjoyed, and maybe others will appear in the future. I just think that it's useful to note which movies you did not enjoy seeing, and to note the reasons why or just the principal agents (writer, director, producer, actors). If some of those names keep coming up, it might be worth noting them so you don't waste time or money again.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I'm going to go against my list at least once this year, I think.
PPS - The trailer for that movie looks like a different style than what I usually see from that production company.

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