Monday, 8 July 2013

Appearances matter, even though they shouldn't

People judge books by their covers (that is, you by your appearance, among other things) all the time. This does make them wrong, but it's also out of your control. You can either take a stand against it, or you can sculpt your appearance to give people a favourable impression. What you can't do is take a stand against it and make a favourable impression at the same time, unless you are dealing with some very mature and reasonable people. Most people you meet will not be those people, nor will they be people who know you and can therefore see past your exterior.

So you cut your hair and dress nice if you want a job. You're the same person underneath, but people will see you in a better light, and this will make a big difference. It's frustrating and it's wrong, but it's also true. A lot of life is like that.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Hey, how come people still judge based on appearance when we've been teaching everyone the opposite for so long?
PPS - It's because it's easier, isn't it?

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