Friday, 19 April 2013

Things I love

I don't much want to post a simple list without any explanation, but I'm trying to channel some positivity, and this seems like the quickest way to a lot of it. So here are some things I love in this world:

- Telling a good story, especially when it's funny.
- Hearing someone else tell a good story, whether verbally, on paper or on screen.
- Sleeping in.
- A good home-cooked meal.
- Hugs.
- Clean sheets.
- Parties that never seem to end, with friends who could talk until the sun came up.
- Floating in a pool without a care in the world.
- Finishing a project.
- Knowing the next step.
- Feeling like the world has become a little bit better today.
- Making progress.
- Having all the time in the world.
- Dogpile on that guy!
- The animal warmth of my family around me or, failing that, a sleeping cat on my lap.
- Pancakes.
- Antici...pation.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - My friends and family are in there, but it should be more than once.
PPS - I'd be very lost if I were alone.

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