Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Flash Fiction - Bane Mage

The figure standing over Randall looked just like the stories he had heard. A sorceress escaped from Hell, wearing torn, dark latex and a severe, straight haircut covering half her face. Her fist glowed with blue-white energy. She was standing with one foot on his chest and a furious, almost crazy, glint in her eye. Bane Mage, crime-fighting "superhero". She'd been hauled in front of the Registrar a dozen times for misconduct since arriving in the city, but they always let her back on the streets. She got results. She also patrolled areas where other heroes feared to tread, or fly.

And this was who had stopped Randall from mugging that old lady. Just my luck, he thought to himself.

The energy around her fist glowed brighter, and Bane Mage's grin turned manic. Randall had to try something to avoid getting crispy-fried.
"What did I do? Why are you doing this?"

Bane Mage gave the briefest shake of her head, as if a gnat had landed on her nose. "You know why," she said, and resumed building up her energy for a last strike.

"But it was just a mugging! She got the purse back!"

"So I should just let you go? Not a chance. Evil ... Must ... Be ... Punished!"

Just as her fist seemed like it would blast Randall on its own, Bane Mage turned , slapped at her ear and screamed "WHAT?" The built-up energy beam sizzled against the ground, next to Randall's head.

"No!" she kept saying into her earpiece radio. "He has to ... I have him ... It's my ..." Finally she just started yelling incoherently until she tore off the earpiece and dashed it to the ground where it broke in two.

With some obvious reluctance, Bane Mage pulled out a teleport tag from her belt and slapped it down hard on Randall's chest, then gave him a kick in the ribs for good measure.

As he faded out, being teleported to the holding cells at the local police precinct, he heard Bane Mage shout after him "Don't you DARE try this again. Next time, I might be in a bad mood."

Mokalus of Borg

PS - This is another of my City of Heroes characters.
PPS - She ... had a lot of personal growth in the story in my head as time went on.

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