Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sharing Skype

It seems awkward sometimes that Skype can't have two accounts signed in on the one machine simultaneously. If I have a separate account to Deb, but we share one computer most of the time, then we need to choose which one of those two accounts will be signed in, but we might not have matching contact lists, so, for instance, Deb might miss a chance to talk to an old college friend because they think she is not online. It's a pain to switch accounts, and it's not always possible either.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - The only answer I've seen is to use two Windows accounts and external handsets.
PPS - Or not share a computer.


Erin Marie said...

Or create a combined account which has all contacts.

John said...

While I understand that would kind of solve the problem, we might still need separate accounts to talk to each other. So now we need to remember to sign out of the shared account to sign in individually when we're apart, but sign back in to the shared account when that's no longer the case. We also need everyone on our contacts list to have all three accounts, and to have all relevant contacts on each of our accounts.

Now imagine that same situation in a family of just four people, and you might see why I think it's still a problem. The number of required combined accounts increases exponentially with every additional household member.