Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday Zombie Blogging - BZW2010

I know I mentioned it before, but now all the details of Brisbane Zombie Walk 2010 are worked out. From noon on the 24th - this Sunday! - from Wickham Park to Centenary Park, I and a lot of other zombie-attired people will be shuffling and moaning to raise money for the Brain Foundation. Apparently there will be food and entertainment beforehand, as well as an after-party. Should be pretty cool!

Mokalus of Borg

PS - If I'd been more organised, I might have gone with a Plants vs Zombies costume.
PPS - As it is, I'll pretty much be "cubicle zombie", with a name tag and old computer mouse.


Stu said...

How was the walk? I saw a few "Zombies" catching the bus from Ashgrove, they all looked pretty cool

John said...

The walk was pretty amazing - lots of people and lots of elaborate costumes, plus we crossed paths with a wedding in King George Square. It would have been good to know more people than just Deb and me, though. Maybe next year I'll get more organised and see if other people can attend too.