Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Quickflix's good record with scratched discs

Recently I seemed to be getting more damaged discs from Quickflix, but rather than complain right away, I thought I'd look at the data. I loaded the website, copied my entire rental history and pasted it into a spreadsheet so I could see how many discs were damaged. Over the course of our membership, we have rented 334 discs. Of them, it seems only 7 have been damaged beyond watching, and every one was replaced. I know there were one or two that didn't get watched past the damaged portion, and at least once we sent back the damaged replacement and just rented the same title from Video Ezy. Still, 7 out of 334 is a pretty darn good record, and I'm glad I checked the data before making any emotional response. Keep up the good work, Quickflix!

Mokalus of Borg

PS - The most recent damage was Michael Moore's "Sicko".
PPS - I've sent it back twice now.


Erin Marie said...

It's still frustrating though, and it's not like you can just drive back to VideoEzy to replace it.

John said...

While it is frustrating to have to wait days for a replacement instead of minutes for reconditioning, I appreciate that (a) it doesn't happen all that often and (b) they provide access to the data so I can see how often it happens.