Friday, 7 May 2010

Watching internet TV on a big screen

I have noted that a few happy coincidences have recently resulted in my being able to watch internet-streaming video like the channel ten catch-up service on my big TV. First, that TV has a PC input option, so it can accept an AV signal straight from a computer. Second, our new netbook just happens to have a compatible AV output option, so we can plug it straight into the TV. The only down side is that we sit across the other side of the room, so we can't control the playback remotely. It's handy, but it only feels like a prototype arrangement. I'd rather have a dedicated media streaming box permanently connected that we can control with a remote.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Not that I need another remote in my life.
PPS - But I could always use more computers.


Stu said...

You could get a wireless mouse

John said...

And a keyboard to go with it. Yes, I suppose I could.

I had a co-worker a few years ago who was looking for a wireless keyboard with a built-in trackball for just this type of thing. I don't think he ever found one.