Thursday, 27 May 2010

Device switches

Here's an observation I hope is interesting, if not original. We have speakers, keyboards, wireless networking, mice, trackpads, cameras and microphones on our laptops, but how many can you turn off selectively? And more to the point, how many might be hijacked without your knowledge with horrible results? There have been a few cases of schools spying on kids with laptop cameras, and for some time now there has been concern that mobile phone mikes could be turned on remotely and used for eavesdropping without the user being aware. So how come there's no equivalent to the speaker "mute" option for our laptop cameras and mikes?

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Then again, I suppose any malware could breeze right past a simple software option.
PPS - And that makes it the same kind of security problem as every other one.


Charles said...

i cover my laptop camera up with electrical tape.

i also wear a helmet made of tinfoil. they have trouble reading the brain wave frequency which reflects our conscious inner-monologue through the aluminum.

John said...

Electrical tape is a functional solution, though not especially attractive. Besides, I do occasionally use the camera.

Point taken about paranoia and tinfoil hats. :)