Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blog Interviewer doesn't really know me

I got a comment (apparently identical to many thousands of others posted to other blogs) suggesting that I fill out an "interview" for this blog on "BlogInterviewer.com". At first I figured the link was some kind of scam. Then, having checked out the site, I slightly reclassified it in my head as spam. This "blog interviewer" site, my theory goes, posts comments at random to thousands of blogs everywhere it can, in order to gather revenue for itself through the provision of semi-legitimate content.

The thing is, all of this content is generated by blog authors themselves, so what exactly have the interview site provided? They allegedly give unspecified prizes to the top-ranked blogs as an incentive to get their "interviews" into the database, and probably aim to be some kind of popularity ranking service for all blogs in general. I'm not really convinced. If they want an interview with me, I'll accept an actual personalised request, rather than the exact same text everyone else gets.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I might also accept if they can tell me who "recommended" me.
PPS - I suspect the answer is "random link following".


Charles said...

ppps: My blog isn't even cool enough to attract that kind of spam.

I'm a loser *runs away from Mokalus of Blog sobbing*

John said...

I don't know whether to be reassuring or offer congratulations... :P

Charles said...

I suspect that neither will help mend my broken spirit...