Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Avoiding queues

I was accosted on the street recently by someone from a small startup company obviously doing a kind of market research, or else a uni student doing an assignment. He asked a lot of questions about queues, knowing the state of a company's appointment schedule before you arrive and knowing busy times in advance. I'm guessing his company aimed to sell a service to businesses (doctors and restaurants mostly would be my guess) where customers could find out busy times and schedule their appointments for less-busy times, and could be informed in advance if their appointment was going to start late due to schedule overruns. That mostly sounds like a kind of limited calendar sharing and alerts system, and I wish them good luck. I'm curious about how it would actually work. Presumably once you start running late as a business, you send SMS alerts to your customers who have upcoming appointments, and after a month or two you get a map of your typical week and your busy and slack times that helps you spread out your schedules appropriately. It does sound good, but I think it would be difficult to implement alongside existing scheduling systems.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I didn't sign any NDA, so I think I'm okay to tell you all this.
PPS - And even if not, I don't think they'd find me.

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