Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why Quickflix is not on Android (maybe)

If the Quickflix Android app really worked properly, it would be on the Google Play Store. Why is it only available on certain Samsung Android devices? A few speculative explanations. Maybe Samsung has guaranteed that their devices have impenetrable DRM that will absolutely prevent anyone from seeing Quickflix movies streamed when they're not supposed to, or saving or intercepting them for later. Or perhaps Samsung signed some kind of exclusivity deal with Quickflix (which sounds unlikely - it's not really in Quickflix's best interests to limit their availability). Or it's a matter of device compatibility. That also sounds unlikely, especially since YouTube has a video streaming app that works just fine on every Android device I've ever held. So the only plausible explanation is DRM, but if the Samsung/Quickflix DRM actually worked the way it should, the app could safely go on the Play Store, secure in the knowledge that their DRM was protecting their content exactly as designed.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - So someone, somewhere, is being inconsistent.
PPS - It's just not clear who or how.


Anonymous said...

I believe it is related to the ability to "root" the phone and you need to have a phone with a locked boot logger to use netflix.

John said...

And that would make it a security issue, and the security that matters here is giving access to streaming content only to the correct account holders. If you have a way of doing that, it should work on any device, since it would have to authenticate against the server with account credentials anyway. Rooted phone or not, you can't get around that server-controlled access, if it actually works, and that means either that it doesn't work as advertised (so extra precautions are necessary) or that's not the issue at all.