Monday, 29 October 2012

Quickflix streaming usability updated but not good yet

It is now possible to hover over each title in your Quickflix queue and see a "Play" button for a title, if it is available for streaming. That's better but not good enough, because I don't know which of my titles are available for streaming before I get to my queue, nor which ones are likely to be available. I have to mouse over each one, wait half a second for the flyout box to load, then look for the Play button. If it's not there, move on. As I said, better than before (where you had to click into each title's page to see the Play button or lack of it) but no good at a glance.

A "stream" button on the right, just next to the Trash checkbox, would do wonders for the usability of the streaming feature for those of us who built up a substantial disc-only queue in the past few years. That way, at a glance, we could tell which titles we could stream right now and remove from our queue.

It just highlights the way the two offerings are extremely different and separate from Quickflix's point of view. You're not consuming entertainment, you are either finding discs you might like to rent someday or you are actively browsing for shows and movies to watch right this very second. There is no acknowledgement that you might have, say, added a disc to your queue two years ago and now that streaming is available you are willing to stream it instead of waiting for the disc.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - And on the Android app, you don't even have your queue.
PPS - I don't understand that decision at all.


Anonymous said...

Have you emailed Quickflix? I usually find they are open to suggestions like the one you are proposing:

John said...

No, I haven't, but now I think I will. Thanks!