Friday, 20 April 2012

Quickflix pay-per-view

Quickflix have just introduced a pay-per-view service along with their unlimited streaming and disc-by-mail services. What they have not yet done is add a button on the queue page that allows me to see at a glance whether anything upcoming in my queue is available to stream right now. I could click through 120 movies and see which ones might be available for streaming, and if I get especially desperate for anything to watch one day I might do so, but right now it seems like this service was designed as a totally separate product, not with the customer in mind.

For me, renting a movie from Quickflix is much the same transaction, whether it comes in the mail as a disc, or streamed to my PC (and the two streamed options are also kept separate, because of their different billing structures). So what I need is to have the option of grabbing something from my disc queue and watching it via streaming right now, then having it automatically removed from the disc queue. Get that? I'm here to watch movies, and the format they take is a secondary detail. By looking at the Quickflix website, you would assume renting one pay-per-view movie is a totally different mental mode as getting a disc in the mail and watching it later. It's not.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Perhaps some people feel differently.
PPS - The Quickflix billing department, for example.

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