Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Physical retail in an online world

Retail of the future is going online, which makes perfect sense. Lower costs, greater reach, lower risk, what's not to like? But not every shopping experience belongs there. Clothes, for instance, when you want to try them on first. Convenience shopping, where you need something right now, and can't wait for postage. Fast food. Bricks and mortar retail of the future has to take one of the following paths: customisation, impulsiveness or convenience.

Customisation can still happen online, but for the case of clothes, it is easier to get someone's measurements if they are physically present, and then the automatic tailoring machine can produce your garments or shoes on the spot, perfectly fitted. Full personalisation and immediate results ensure a niche for that market. Impulsiveness I explained above - basically tricking you into a purchase you wouldn't otherwise have made, except that it was right there and so cheap. Then there's convenience, where, as before, delivery after ordering is too slow, such as for fast food.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - There will still be physical retail in the future.
PPS - But the shape of it is going to change.

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