Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Human computing tools

How should computers work for us these days? I think we are ready to move forward to a new generation and I do not think anyone has it right yet. What are we trying to do, what should that look like and how do we get there? We need to know what are the primary, top-level tasks people are doing with their computers and how we can help with that. We Play (including read and watch), Communicate (email, IM, voice and video), Create (draw, write, record, remix) and Work or Organise. I probably haven't covered everything. For instance, shopping online doesn't easily fit into those categories.

There are some simple human-related things that computers need to do well, but they don't tend to come with tools that work that way. We need some messier programs for some things, like holding loosely-correlated notes, videos, sound bites and pictures, and better ways to search them and display those search results. We need to have good ways of displaying search results for events (history), places and people. When, where and with whom did things happen. Those are basic human-centric things we think about, but they're not here for us.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - My point is, there's a lot of humanity missing from computers, and what else are they here for anyway?
PPS - Why build machines that don't work well with us?

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