Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Flash Fiction - The Scrap Yard

The visitor approaches nervously as I sit atop the pile of rusted car bodies we call my throne. A few acolytes circle silently behind him. I recline and put on my best "disinterested monarch" airs. It's all for show, but it's what people expect.

He clears his throat to try and get my attention, but I don't look down yet. He tries again, then ventures an "excuse me?" I wait just a second more, then as I sense he is turning away I say loudly "Sir!"


"You will call me 'Sir' if you want me to listen without taking your voice box as a souvenir."

"I'm sorry. Sir."

I sit on the edge of my throne. "Go on."

"Sir, I have lost something. I heard this was the place to find anything."

"Well, most things. What was it, when and where?"

"A gold necklace, in my apartment," he hesitates "six years from now."

"A lot of lost things turn up here, but six years ago is a long time."

"No not six years ago, six years from now. The future. Sir."

I try to see if he has crazy in his eyes, but he looks like every other supplicant, nervous and hopeful.

I wave to dismiss the other residents of the scrap yard, so we can talk alone. They go quickly and obediently, but every one keeps looking back over their shoulders until they are out of sight. I'd expect nothing less.

I skip over all the incredulous questions - the how and why - to ask what he thinks I can do.

"I've heard rumours," he says, "that you've found things from the future."

"And why would I do this for you?" I ask.

"I'll be very grateful..." I wait. "Sir."

"Come back in a week." I say, finally, "And I'll have your necklace. Be prepared to be very, very 'grateful'. This isn't easy, and I don't have to do it."

"Thank you! Thank you, thank you!" he gushes. I wave him away and rub my temples. I should have kept quieter about the future stuff. It only ever makes things worse when more people come looking for it. But now it looks like I'm searching that way again. I wish it had been the past. The past is so much easier.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I've been watching The Finder.
PPS - I guess this story owes something to that show.

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