Monday, 12 March 2012

Extra traffic light colours

Straw-man argument time: we should have an extra warning light in between red and yellow. Something orange, perhaps. That way, you can tell when the yellow light is about to change to red, and make sure you don't go through it. This is a stupid idea because that's exactly what the yellow light is already supposed to do. Adding another layer between yellow and red means that the true meaning of yellow - "stop if you can, this is about to be a red light" - has already been lost or mutated somehow into "go if you want, it's not red yet". How long would it be before the orange light starts meaning that same thing? My guess is that those people who speed through the yellow light will start to really gun it when the orange light comes on. Whatever the real solution, we need something that will automatically make people err on the side of stopping rather than going.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Something like armed drones that fire on anyone who runs the red light.
PPS - Or severe tyre damage spikes that pop up on red.

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