Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mental and physical games

I want there to be a game that is as much a mental challenge as physical, but not forced like chess boxing or only mental for the coach like gridiron. I want a game where you as a player will only succeed if you are mentally and physically fit and can use both of those skills at once. Maybe what I'm thinking of is some kind of obstacle course maze.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Maybe it's unnecessary.
PPS - Because there are enough games to challenge either mind or body.


Anonymous said...

ahah!!! but there is, in Sliders world :) It's called Mindgame and was aired in an episode called Eggheads :) here is a web site :)

John said...

I actually remember that one, but something about it felt a little forced. Maybe the part about answering questions while running the ball just threw me off, because the rest of it, with the Othello board that you need to physically run around fits my description pretty well.

By the way, it's awesome that you know Sliders well enough to remember that detail. :)