Monday, 24 January 2011 and usability

I have discovered something frustrating about If you know approximately where you want to stay, and exactly when, you can't easily search for that. You can get a list of accommodation around that area, available or not, and you can get a list of accommodation including availability, but what you can't get is a search including only what's available in a certain region on a certain date. The map includes everything and the list doesn't tell you where things are like the map does. As soon as you zoom in or out on the map, the speech bubble pointing to your selection disappears, so you can't see where it is in relation to other places unless you keep your eyes glued on it.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - If the short list function affected the map too, that would work.
PPS - It still wouldn't be perfect, though.


Matthew said...

Hi John

We have tried to address these hotel map issues at

From the home page if you search 'on a Map' or go to only available hotels in that city are displayed and the map automatically sizes to fit all hotels on the screen.

Mousing over the orange map pins will show the hotel address, quality rating and lowest available room rate for each hotel.

If you filter the hotel map results by suburb on the left then the map will shrink down to that suburb - you need to select all suburbs again to restore the map to original size.

Anyway please let me know what you think.

John said...

Well, it's definitely an improved map. I like the way it does show only available accommodation, and the zoom function works better than on Wotif. The one thing I wish it did was show with the list search, so you could see both at once. On the whole, though, definitely above the competition.