Monday, 3 January 2011

Is it the future yet?

  • Many of us carry tiny, powerful, touch-screen computers in our pockets (or purses) BUT Steve Jobs gets to say what you're allowed to do with them.
  • We have tablet computers just like Star Trek, except Steve Jobs has veto over those too.
  • Our books now come in electronic form, as long as you're happy for Amazon to be able to revoke them after sale.
  • We can communicate with just about anyone, just about anywhere, just about any time, BUT you still need multiple user accounts to keep up with everyone, because IM and social networking are walled gardens.
  • We have video phones, as long as the network stays up.
  • TV is available online, quickly and cheaply ... as long as you live in the USA. You can record, pause, rewind and fast-forward live broadcasts, with the right equipment.
  • In-car computing is finally starting to take off, thanks to the mobile web and GPS navigation.
  • 3D printing is readily available as a service, but not generally in everyone's home yet.
  • We are legally forbidden to rip our DVDs for personal viewing.
Mokalus of Borg

PS - So plenty of room yet to grow.
PPS - And probably a lot of things I haven't thought of yet.


miv said...

you can fast forward live tv?

Can I get that service next November for the melbourne cup? :-p

John said...

You know what I mean: you can fast forward as long as you've paused. If you could fast forward further than the present, both gambling and cliffhanger season endings would be things of the past.

Erin Marie said...

If this is the future, where's my jetpack?

John said...

It's in the mail. Please allow 6-10 decades for delivery.