Thursday, 15 July 2010

MasterChef is the friendliest reality TV

Debbie recently observed that MasterChef seems to be more friendly among the contestants than other reality TV shows, and from what I've seen, I agree. My only theory is that it's because they don't vote each other off and there's no strategy besides being the best chef. Granted, not everyone will excel at every challenge, and sometimes they'll have bad days, but there's never any advantage in backstabbing or playing politics, so nobody bothers. It's refreshing.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Or maybe cooking attracts a better class of person.
PPS - Could be both.


Charles said...

No one wants backstabbing going on in those huge fancy industrial TV kitchens.... so many knives.

And cooking reality TV is so much better because it is about good foor and people's actual skill. I am still morally opposed to reality TV in general, and I don't ever actually watch TV... but occasionally i have enjoyed Iron Schef or "Chopped" at other's houses.

John said...

True. In a kitchen, if tempers run high, figurative backstabbing could turn literal.

MasterChef as a cooking show isn't that helpful, because they're looking for commercial chefs, not home cooks, so they work with more exotic ingredients and emphasise presentation a lot more than you need to do at home. Still, it's possible to pick up useful tips now and then.