Tuesday, 9 February 2010

SMS weather warning service

I recently discovered and signed up to The Early Warning Network, which is an Australian weather alert system that operates over SMS. Since the storm I had often thought to myself that weather warnings need to come to my mobile phone, not over the radio or TV. I usually don't have either of those devices on, but my phone is always with me. If I'd had an SMS warning about that storm, I might have gone back and closed the windows. Next time, I will have that warning.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - It's a free service based on the Bureau of Meteorology weather warnings.
PPS - And given all that, I don't see why you wouldn't sign up.


littlemissrandom said...

I did not know about this. I knew there was a thing called the 'Early Warning Network', but I kind of thought of it as a bit of a nebulous thing that meant that local governments and news stations found out about things, rather than direct communication. I have signed up.

John said...

I didn't know about it either, but I figured it was such an obvious and relatively simple idea that somebody must have attempted it by now. So I searched and I found.