Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Picasa face recognition

I've installed Picasa 3 to help organise my photos, primarily because it includes face recognition. It's really neat to just have the software scan for faces, pick them out and group them, then suggest matches as it learns who's who. It makes Facebook's image tagging look decidedly antiquated and clumsy.

The only problem, if it can be called such, is that the face recognition is very effective. I've found myself having to ignore dozens of strangers in some of Dad's travel photos.

In a weird way, it's kind of addictive. I just want to watch it go, wait for it to scan more people and tell it who they are. This is how it goes when a new technology toy grips you.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - By a supreme act of will, I was able to walk away from it and go to bed last night.
PPS - But I feel the urge to jump back in now.


littlemissrandom said...

I want this.

I believe I'm currently running Picasa 2, but now my goal for this weekend is to find someone's computer to pillage and download Picasa 3.

Oh, and upload some photos to Facebook!

John said...

I think you'll be very pleased with it.

Anonymous said...
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