Tuesday, 21 July 2009

DIY PocketMods

I'm interested in the ability to compose foldable, pocket-friendly printouts for reference on the go, also known as "PocketMods". I use one for my next actions list (all too infrequently referred to) which is generated by ThinkingRock, but it has struck me how useful it would be to have things like public transport maps or directions, my calendar and other things printed in pocket-friendly sizes.

There are some tools to do this, but nothing quite flexible enough or multi-platform. The PocketMod website provides a tool for creating these prints from PDFs, and some online tools too, but they're limited. I want to arrange things like this myself, in a graphical way, and that's just not available. The trouble is that 8 pages to a sheet, the most convenient size, makes each little page A7 in size, which is not standard.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - My best option may be four columns, landscape, with a wide top border.
PPS - That's still awkward for the second side, though.

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