Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Sunday Mok - God's Gift Ninja

Sunday - We had guest speakers at each church service. Deb and I did the grocery shopping around lunchtime, then watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. After the evening church service, we joined the local Baptists at the Coffee Club.
Monday - I finished Hunters of Dune in the morning. Most of the work day was pretty boring. While Deb was out at her Mary Kay meeting, I watched recorded TV on my PC.
Tuesday - The Telstra technicians came to move our cable internet connection downstairs in the morning. I had to revert some of my recent code changes at work, because they were causing more problems than they were fixing. Karate in the evening, then Deb and I had enchiladas for dinner.
Wednesday - Public holiday for the Ekka. Deb and I decided not to go, since the chances of getting sick again were pretty high. Instead we had pancakes for breakfast, relaxed and watched Star Trek. In the evening we had dinner with Murrae and Tracey and saw License to Wed.
Thursday - I went to work early so I could leave early. I had to drive out to a campsite to give out small presents in secret. René and I didn't end up doing it ourselves, though, because the chocolates were deemed "not special enough" and had to be replaced.
Friday - A repeat of the early start at work and a drive over to the campsite in the evening. Between a gift drop for dinner and bedtime, I had little to do besides read.
Saturday - A drive out very early for a breakfast gift drop, then back home. I navigated for Deb to a meeting, then did some shopping before going home for a nap. In the afternoon I drove home again for a dinner gift drop, then another bedtime one.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - The drive to and from the campsite is along a gravel road.
PPS - The rain washed my car for me at the end.

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