Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Phone space used by Pocket

I started using Pocket for offline reading on my phone when Instapaper stopped being useful enough. I used to delete articles when I was done, just because the alternative was archiving, and I just didn't see the need for an archive of my read articles. Also, I assumed that Pocket was going to keep that archive to make a profile and sell my data. I still assume they're doing that, but I started using the archive for one very simple reason: it was faster. Archiving an item is one click, deleting is two, because every delete has an "are you sure?" confirmation question. So my archive started building up. Now I'll have to start deleting articles again because, it seems, Pocket stores the archive on my phone, taking up extra space. I currently have 2.2GB - that's 20% of my phone's available storage - taken up with Pocket's cache of article images from alone. There's more than 3GB total, and a good chunk of that will be the archive (assuming my theory is correct). The archive has to go, which should release some space. I'm not sure how much. If I want to release the maximum amount of space that I can, right away, I need to find, read and remove any articles that contain animated GIFs. They are by far the biggest images stored by Pocket which, unfortunately, can't display animated GIFs anyway. Starting this week, I will be aiming to destroy my Pocket archive, because that will save space on my phone and prevent it from being used as a marketing tool against me.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I used an app called DiskUsage to figure this out.
PPS - It works pretty well.

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