Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Writing Update

I don't write every day. I mention that because it's one of the things they tell you to do. There are even motivational tools available to keep you writing every day. I've been feeling a bit funny about it this week, probably because I've only had three days where I did any writing work, and that was all reviewing and critiquing my book rather than writing anything new. I think it's been good so far, though at this rate it might take another six weeks or so to get through the whole thing. I should probably try to write something new along with my editing, and I should find some time to write on my weekends, too.

I've got some practice exercises I'd like to do this week, including one about showing, not telling, which is a problem I have. If I don't concentrate, I veer into exposition rather than action, dialogue or even environmental description. The other thing I'd like to try is to tell a story that's all dialogue, because that's something else I tend not to do. I describe conversations rather than writing them down. I just need to figure out what to write about for that one.

So that's it, really. This week has been all editing, and not enough of that.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Oh, and keeping up with, too.
PPS - And counting down the days until my own submission comes up for critique.

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