Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reading my own writing

This week I'm in Perth on business. And next week, too, which is a bit sucky. Anyway, normally I don't do this - write a straight-up journal post about what I'm doing - because that's not what this blog has become, but I think maybe there should be more of that, particularly as I try to do more fiction writing and get better at that.

What I wanted to mention right now is that on the flight from Brisbane I read over my entire backlog of little writing snippets and ideas. It took about two thirds of the flight, but it was still slightly depressing how brief it was. In my mind, it is a mountain of unfinished work, waiting for inspiration. In the file, it's a few hundred paragraphs of random inspiration written down when it struck me. I did this because I read online that this was a good practice, and re-reading all your little snippets in one hit can cause you to see and make links between them that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. And it did, so that's good. I even found an almost fully-formed story that I had forgotten. I'll be doing it again, maybe in a couple of months, to keep it all fresh in my head. The trick will be finding a few hours to do it all together, the way it should be.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - That story from the archive will probably be this week's Friday Flash Fiction.
PPS - If I can polish it up in time.

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